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Illustrating clothing graphics for Fortune46

The Challenge.

Lifestyle brand Fortune46 invited us to design and illustrate a small selection of clothing to expand their Summer range, focusing on vests. They requested on simple and clean ‘all rounder’ one with Hawaiian palm leaves, and one with a cool flamingo character.

The Solution.

We settled on two primary designs with the first being inspired by Hawaiian palm leaves. The second design was a strong collaboration by ourselves and Fortune46, aiming for a funky flamingo character with attitude. We went bold using an outlined character with cap, sunglasses, high-tops and boombox that we think perfectly encapsulates the vibes of the request, but also of the brand. The sunset we added behind the flamingo illustrated character really finished setting the scene.

  • Clothing graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Multiple mockups and print options

"We wanted to update and add to our clothing range with a summer selection. Liam came up with some Hawaiian leaf patterns in different colours which was perfect. Our main idea was this flamingo with a boombox and WOW did Liam produce!"

- Becky, owner of Fortune46
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