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Active Dorset

Designing a logo and social media content for campaign 'Dorset Daily Dose'

The Challenge.

Active Dorset wanted to run a new campaign through the Covid-19 pandemic called Dorset Daily Dose. The idea was to share, create and connect top tips each day to help get your daily dose of physical activity. To start they required a new logo, header and primary social media image to promote the campaign.

The Solution.

Our plan was to keep the logo and imagery bright, colourful and fun to keep people motivated and positive during the coronavirus pandemic.


The hashtag #dorsetdailydose was made so the general public could find the full range of resources provided by Active Dorset under one spot.

  • Professional logo
  • Multiple variations
  • Social header image content
  • Facebook image content

"Wonderful job guys! Amazing colours. The content and logo will really stand out and get noticed."

- Active Dorset
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