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Argus Security

Replacing stock photos in a PowerPoint with eye-catching illustrations

The Challenge.

Our neighbours Brand & Soul went searching for an Illustration specialist to create some artwork for their Italian client Argus Security in drastic need of updating their employee HR PowerPoint presentation. The previous presentation was dull, cliché stock images of sports to represent certain keywords such as ‘teamwork’ and ‘vision’.

The Solution.

We decided to modernise this PowerPoint by producing a total of 18 stylish and fun illustrations based on the same sports themes. We also made sure to include a selection of diversities including race and disabilities.

The new illustrations worked wonders and Argus are delighted with how the PowerPoint presentation now looks and appeals to their employees. 5 posters were also produced to post around their workplace and keep their employees motivated.

  • Illustrations for a PowerPoint presentation
  • Scaled and edited for A2 posters
  • Zoom meetings

"The illustrations provided are an absolute breath of fresh air! The HR PowerPoint slide show used boring cliché stock images but they'll certainly keep our employees attention now!"

- Argus Security
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