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Branding & Creative Design

Good branding and creative design is vital to making a strong impression. Let us do the hard work and give your brand impact that will excite your audience.

Web Design

Websites are a great visual platform for your business to portray itself and brand values. We'll create modern, trendy highly effective web designs.

Social Media Management

We love social! Let Saint Supreme find and captivate your audience through high quality social media content and advertising.



What design, and you, mean to us

Our mission is to provide our clients with an excellent product that helps represent them in a positive, creative and thought provoking way. We aim to develop a reputation of excellence and commit to always having friendly relationships with clients.

We will always do our best depending on the projects, to utilise fantastic local creative talent. We believe in providing a platform for local creatives and in doing so we can provide more services for our clients.

It’s a cliché start but we wouldn’t be anywhere without you guys. Success begins with the right people on board. We want to believe in you, your vision, and your team. We’re passionate about our projects, and we want to be just as passionate about yours.

We believe in building deep, human connections. This is what gives our work meaning and allows us to produce some incredible work, for some incredible people.

No question is stupid! It’s important for all of us to get your project correct and how you envision. If that means asking questions so you get a better understanding of what we do, and how we’ll do it; we’re all for it.

If we’re not proud of our work, why would you be? We are good at what we do, and we become very close to what we produce. For this reason we will work tirelessly until both parties are happy with your new project.

We love to dream big and aim high. When you aim high, you get better results, and even if you fail, you’ll fail above everyone else’s success.

Yeah we’re poets too.


people who matter

Awesome team members

Liam Smith


Founder and creator of Saint Supreme Studio. Loves design and illustration. Heavily invested in movies & TV series.

Chloe Smith


Partner in crime and huge support to Liam and the studio. Has a way with words in person and on social. Loves Crossfit.



It is one of our missions to work with local creatives, especially when it’s outside our skillset. This means we can provide more services to our clients while helping freelancers boost their portfolio and gain vital experience.

Becky Dandy
Becky Dandy
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We've worked with Liam at Saint Supreme a number of times and each time he's produced some incredible illustration and branding work that captured our style and vibe bang on!
Ellie Miller
Ellie Miller
Sunshine Frankie
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We had the idea of selling silk scarves and wanted something unique, stand-out and something for the influencer generation. Liam's illustrations were exactly what we needed and they really make an impression!
Travis Scott
Travis Scott
Digital Artist Magazine
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We needed a 8 page spread tutorial and we went to Liam to utilise his illustration skills. He created a fantastic cityscape scene with a clear step by step approach. happy to use him again.